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The Blue Ridge Voyageurs

2005 Trip Schedule


Notice and Assumption of Risk

Canoeing and kayaking (paddling) can be dangerous and physically demanding. Canoeists and kayakers (paddlers) take personal responsibility for their personal safety. By participating in BRV trips, you acknowledge an assumption of the risks involved in paddling, which could include serious injury or death.

2005 Trips

The following table lists the trips that BRV members will be leading in 2005. Please note that trip location depends on river levels being sufficient and safe for boating. Trip leaders reserve the right to substitute similar river destinations for the trip they are scheduled to lead. They also decide whether a scheduled trip will occur on Saturday, Sunday, or on both days of their weekend. You must contact the trip leader during the week leading up to a trip, preferrably before Friday evening (since the leader may leave early for the trip). The trip leader reserves the right to restrict the number of paddlers on the trip and to ascertain whether you have the experience to run the chosen river(s). The leader will inform you of the meeting time and location and any other pertinent details for the trip.

The BRV roster contains the official BRV trip schedule that includes the names and phone numbers of the trip leaders for these trips. The roster also includes e-mail addresses for all members with e-mail access. You will receive both the BRV roster and The Voyageur  newsletter upon joining the BRV.

Date Location Difficulty
March 19 Stoney Creek, VA Novice
March 20 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
April Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
April 2 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
April 2 Potomac River Clean-Up Novice/Intermediate
April 2-3 Dry Fork of the Cheat Intermediate
April 9-10 Passage Creek, Covington, etc. Intermediate
April 16 Bloomington Intermediate
April 17 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
April 24 Rappahannock Tributaries Novice/Intermediate
April 30 Bloomington Intermediate
April 30-May 1 Rappahannock Canoe Camper Novice/Intermediate
May Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
May 7-8 Tygart Advanced
May 14 Bloomington Intermediate
May 14 Dealer's Choice Intermediate/Advanced
May 15 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
May 21 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
May 28-30 Smokehole Camper Intermediate
June Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
June 4-5 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
June 11 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
June 11-13 Cheat/Lower Yough/Upper Yough Advanced
June 18 Dealer's Choice Intermediate/Advanced
June 25 Staircase Intermediate
July Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
July 9-10 Lower Yough Intermediate
July 10 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
July 16 Dealer's Choice Intermediate/Advanced
July 17 Dealer's Choice Novice
July 23 Lower Yough Intermediate
July 24 Little Falls or Mather Gorge Intermediate/Advanced
July 30-31 Lower Yough Intermediate
August Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
August 4-5 Cheat/Lower Yough Intermediate/Advanced
August 6 Lower Yough Intermediate
August 7 Lower Yough Intermediate
August 13-14 Lower Yough Intermediate
August 14 South Fork Shenandoah Novice
August 20 BRV Picnic Novice
August 20 Lower Yough Intermediate
August 20 Potomac Needles Intermediate
September Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
September 3-5 New Advanced
September 10-11 Upper & Lower Gauley Advanced
September 17 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
October Tuesday Evenings Local Paddling Novice/Intermediate
October 1-2 Upper & Lower Gauley Advanced
October 8 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
October 8-10 Eastern Shore Sampler Novice/Intermediate
October 15 Dealer's Choice Intermediate
November 11-14 NJ Pine Barrens Novice/Intermediate

If you would like to lead a trip on dates other than those listed above, please let Bob Maxey, our trip coordinator, know and he will get in touch with you. Or, if you like, you can just state in your e-mail when and where you would like to lead your trip and he'll get it in the schedule.