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The Blue Ridge Voyageurs

Potomac Needles - River Riders Put in at Bakerton, 2021



Again this year BRV and CCA have arranged club members to use the River Riders' put in.

This year, we agreed to new restriction per the agreement below.

Please do not block areas River Riders needs for busses, clients, and campers


Agreement between Canoe Cruisers Association/Blue Ridge Voyageurs and River Riders, Inc. for river access at the Bakerton campground for 2021

1.  CCA and BRV will provide River Riders with separate membership lists for the current year, along with payment of $100 each per organization.  Updates to membership lists may be submitted to River Riders as needed.  Persons not on a membership list will be charged a $15 per person fee.

2.  On weekends, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, CCA/BRV will be limited to one official club trip originating at Bakerton between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  The approximate put-in time will be communicated to River Riders in advance via email to: and  Boats will be unloaded at Bakerton, and vehicles will be removed to River Riders or Clarion Hotel overflow parking, or to another location not on the property of River Riders.  For shuttle purposes, one CCA/BRV vehicle will be permitted to return to Bakerton to park. 

3.  All vehicles parked at Bakerton on weekends or weekdays will display a sign indicating that they are with CCA/BRV (circle BRV). This sign will of be a design that CCA/BRV creates and has provided a copy to River Riders.

4.  There will be no unloading on the boat ramp. Parking will be in the designated area across the road from the boat ramp, and boats must be carried from there to the river.  Boats are to be set off to the side of the ramp out of the way until launching.

5.  CCA/BRV members will comply with requests by River Riders staff with regards to traffic flow, river access, parking designation, and display of the CCA/BRV sign.

6.  Incivility or failure to adhere to the above could result in loss of access privileges for the club.