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New BRV Logo and Boat/Car Stickers Unveiled

(02/01/18) At our January 24 meeting, the club passed out oval stickers to help promote the club OTR, at put-ins, and on the road.

The stickers replace the classic design, which depicted BRV founder Roger Corbett as an Indian voyageur against a Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop.  Unfortunately, the art work for that design has long since disappeared and the only versions we can find are of unreproducable size/resolution.

The new design, approved at BRV’s January board meeting, features a blue and white line-drawing cartoon that Paul Mason designed for us.   Mason, a well-known Ontario paddler and cartoonist, has been referred as the Bill Neely of Canada. He is the son of the late Bill Mason, the “patron saint of wilderness canoeing,” notes Wikipedia. “To many Canadian and American Paddlers and Canoeists growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, his series of instructional films were the introduction to technique and the canoeing experience. In many ways, Bill, Joyce, Paul and Becky Mason were the "faces" of Canadian Canoeing in the '70s. [Paul Mason's YouTube channel]

Mason’s design impishly depicts two boaters hamming it up for the camera, oblivious to perhaps an impending collision of a type well known on BRV trips.    We have a limited supply of stickers (ask Mike, Beth or Rick), or you can order them online from Café Press .  The stickers cost $4.99 each, or $24.99 for a pack of 10.

The design is also available on T shirts and travel mugs. To order these items, visit and search “BRV canoe-kayak,” or visit