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The Blue Ridge Voyageurs (BRV) welcome you. Non-members are encouraged to click About the BRV to learn what the BRV has to offer. Members are invited to tell us what they would like to see on this site and to submit content (to the BRV Webmaster).


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Latest News

BRV Meeting, May 15 7:00 p.m.
Clara Barton Community Center, 7425 MacArthur Blvd, in Cabin John, MD.
Risa Shimoda, an early extreme paddler and two time head of American Whitewater, will discuss some public paddling initiatives, the impact of the transfer of governance for all competitive paddlesport (from dragon boat racing, kayak polo, and sprints to slalom racing, wildwater racing, and free style kayaking (rodeo) to the American Canoe Association, and the new International Whitewater Hall of Fame (coming to a location near you). She will kick her talk off with a short video. The evening will also include a video featuring BRV members in both kayaks and open canoes. There are thrills and spills from a variety of river locations including the Cheat Canyon, the Gauley, La Rogue (Quebec) the New Gorge, Rios Tres Amigos (Costa Rica), and the Tygart (Arden Section). Join us for beer and pizza at Ledo’s afterwards.

BRV 2019 trips calendar now posted
Please help seed the schedule with target desintations for annual and dealer's choice desires. Email Mike or Beth to update the schedule.

brvlogo New BRV Logo and Boat/Car Stickers

The oval stickers are designed to be placed on boats or car bumpers. They replace the classic design, which depicted BRV founder Roger Corbett as an Indian voyageur against a Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop.  Unfortunately, the art work for that design has long since disappeared and the only versions we can find are of unreproducable size/resolution. [Read more | order stickers]

BRV President-For-Life Rick Koller points out the shuttle route

Bottoms Up!
Click here to watch Court O's Whitewater Funhouse video,
featuring the misadventures of various BRVers circa 1996-2004.

More Fun!
Check out Court's more recent videos showing our intrepid gang running the Gauley River and New River Gorge (2013), and the Savage River (2014).


Ron Knipling?
Oci One Kanubi

 The Unknown BRV BUtt Boater

The legendary Ed Grove, miss the eddy he wanted to make A couple of shmucks, Jim and Lou, on Glen Miller's Shuttle out of the Cheat Canyon.